Launch a
tech career, fast.

Earn 80% more than you do now *

Be job-ready in months with our online training programs.
We help you land a job. You pay no tuition until you get hired.

*On average, Masterschool graduates earn 80% more after they get hired in their new tech job.

Why launch a career in tech?

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Overall job satisfaction

9/10 of 2022’s “best jobs” are in tech

According to Glassdoor’s 2022 best job rankings, based on overall job satisfaction, earning potential, and number of job openings.

Demand for jobs is skyrocketing

85 million jobs

By 2030, 85 million jobs in tech are predicted to go unfilled. Data scientists, analysts, and software engineers are among the top 20 fastest growing positions, according to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

Earn a high-paying salary

$64-$98k avg. starting salary

The average starting salary of entry-level jobs like data analysts, cybersecurity analysts and software engineers is high. Our graduates report earning 80% more in their first new tech job than they earn in their current job.

Get hired, fast.

6 months

76% of Masterschool students will land a new
job in tech within 6 months

Why launch your career with Masterschool?

At Masterschool, you not only learn the technical skills you need to succeed in tech, we also help you get hired. We provide career coaching and 1:1 mentorship until you get the job.

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Our programs

Our curriculum is developed with industry experts. The learning material is dynamic and updated constantly, based on today’s trends and patterns in the workforce.

  • We are currently offering three different programs: Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, and Software Engineering. New Data Analytics and Cybersecurity programs will begin on March 14, May 15, and July 11. The next Software Engineering program will begin on July 11.
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Pay no tuition until
you land a job

The only upfront payment you make is a one-time,
100% refundable $250 Commitment fee, anytime – no questions asked.

  • No financial risk

    Begin payments after you get hired and are earning more than the income threshold.

  • Pay in installments

    No lump sum.
    Pay 10% of your salary each month until the total tuition is paid.

  • No interest, ever

    The total cost of tuition will be $15k and will never increase.

Our graduates work at top companies

How it works

academic training

Interactive live classes + self-learning makes our 15 hours/week program effective and efficient. Graduate with an impressive portfolio of industry-level projects.

Career support until
you get hired

After your academic training, your focus shifts to finding your first job in your new field, with advanced training and our total support and career coaching until you get hired.

Start your career
in tech

In a matter of months, you will land your new job. With a high-paying starting salary and new exciting opportunities to better your future.


One of the best decisions I have made. The structure, the class, the curriculum, everything is well made to allow you to succeed.

Réquiem Créatif
Yochanan Perez
Yochanan Perez
Data Analyst

Masterschool’s team continually assisted me in developing and improving so that I could become the best version of myself.

Yevgeniya Gimelfarb
Yevgeniya Gimelfarb
Senior Data Analyst

Since I only need to pay for the program after landing a job, I could focus more on studying. It also helped the fact that there was always a mentor ready to help me on a one-on-one call, at any time of the day, or night.

IT Administrator

The Career Accelerator really helped me and I managed to land my tech job 3 months after graduating from the course!

Neta Hadar Itzhak
Neta Hadar Itzhak
Software Engineer
Shachar Banayan
Shachar Banayan
Data Scientist


What if I don’t immediately want to start working after the program?

Our programs are designed for people who want to start looking for a new job immediately after they graduate. However, students who may need some more time after graduation before they start looking for a job, can reach out to our team. We will consider your unique situation and try to help.

Does it make sense to join if I’m already a Computer Science student or graduate?

Yes. Many of our students are computer science graduates or graduates of similar degrees. The Masterschool program, in contrast to traditional degree programs, focuses on hands-on job training and skills: what you actually need to get a job in tech.

Masterschool bridges the gap between education and the job market. Through our School Masters, who are industry experts in their field, and our Career Accelerator program, which includes partnerships with leading companies and employers, we do everything in our power to make sure you are equipped with exactly what the market needs.

Are the programs online or in-person?

Our programs are all 100% online and we host live classes and events each week, but they are recorded, which allows our students to learn flexibly on their own time throughout the week. Students can join live or watch them later at their convenience.

There’s hundreds of hours of self-learning content with access to the world’s leading training platforms, so you can learn more and dig deeper into lessons as you like and at your pace.

Do I need an academic degree or prior knowledge to apply?

No. No prior knowledge in a particular field of study is required to apply. We’ve learned that this is not necessarily the best indicator of success and instead we look for candidates who are motivated, with grit, determination, and aptitude, regardless of previous knowledge or experience. However, in order to excel in Masterschool’s programs, you will need basic computer literacy skills, and at least a high school level of mathematics, be comfortable learning in English and be comfortable working in a digital environment with technical tools and with numbers.

Will you help me find a job?

We do everything necessary to help you find a job. After all, this is a partnership. Your success is our success! While we will help you find job opportunities and network, we will not place you in a job.


This partnership requires both sides to work their hardest to get what we are driving towards, you finding a job in tech.


This includes workshops, personal mentorship, global hiring partners, which include the world’s best tech companies, and much more.


Even after you’re hired, we will continue to support you. If you need help with finding a new job, a salary negotiation, asking for a promotion or anything else, we are here to help you. Our ultimate goal is that you continue to succeed beyond your first job in tech, and we see ourselves as long term partners.

Are the studies held entirely in English?

Yes, all of the content is in English. This includes the live classes, our virtual Campus and learning platforms, and the 1:1 guidance you’ll receive from our team.

Will I be able to work during the program?

Yes, Masterschool’s programs allow you to study the material flexibly and manage your own schedule. We highly recommend watching the live classes on a regular basis to help you stay on track with your training.In terms of time commitment, successful students put about 15-20 hours into the program each week. Learn more about that here.

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